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Did You Know Planet Beach spray & spa is an International Franchise?


Posted December 10, 2015

We Couldn’t Be More Proud  The first Planet Beach opened in the awesome city of New Orleans in the year 1996 and that location is still owned and operated by Stephen Smith, CEO of Planet Beach Franchising Corporation. He and his fabulous team have managed to bring the brand to eight countries outside of the United States, all the while staying true to its New Orleans roots. Each and every location has a definite New Orleans vibe that takes you on an instant feel good trip away from your daily grind.

Planet Beach Really is Part of Our Team  “You hear about all sorts of franchises, but Planet Beach really is part of our team. We know that failing is not an option and we know we will be successful because of the awesome team that is supporting and guiding us,” says Yvonne Kilborn, Master Franchisee in the country of Panama. Yvonne, along with her husband Carlos Gonzales JC and business partner Alvaro Villanueva, discovered Planet Beach in 2014 while at an International Franchising Conference in Jacksonville, Florida. “There was just something about Planet Beach. The value proposition for the customers seemed unbeatable and the financial numbers as a business made sense,” says Yvonne. Their plan is to open eight spas in the greater metropolitan area of Panama City, Panama, with the first scheduled to open in March of 2016. As they are currently hiring their first team of Spa Consultants and having their first pre-sale, their dream is finally coming true.

Fun Fact About Carlos and Alvaro  While both men are Panamanians, they first met in the City of New Orleans, the birth place of Planet Beach, years before the franchise was ever on their radar. The meeting was completely by chance, while both men were studying at Tulane University in New Orleans.

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By Alison Pitre, Marketing Director at Planet Beach Franchising Corporation

For more information on franchising contact Kasie Banks at 1.888.290.8266

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