Make Your Spray Tan Last Longer by Staying Hydrated


Posted December 7, 2020

Check out this week’s blog from Planet Beach spray & spa’s vendor partner, Norvell by Sunless Inc.!

One of the most common questions after getting a spray tan is “how can I make my spray tan last longer?” There are several ways to keep your tan looking great and staying hydrated is one of them.

Norvell spray tans last 5-7 days with proper care. We recommend moisturizing daily to maintain your tan because dry skin can cause your tan to fade faster.

Norvell has several products formulated to keep your skin moisturized and looking like you’ve just stepped off the beach. The daily moisturizer, Prolong, is designed to infuse the skin with moisture while gradually adding color when used day after day. Prolong is formulated with the skin-loving Natural Color Complex that includes Aloe, Tomato Seed Extract and Vitamins C & E to keep skin looking young and feeling hydrated.

The Norvell VIVID Boost Color Building Tan Extending Lotion is another great option for keeping your spray tan looking natural. A moisturizer with the power of a CC cream, Boost has a blend of botanicals to moisturize, brighten and firm the skin. Boost features Vivid bronzers that gradually build color to extend your tan and keep it looking natural.

If your skin is often dry, you’re not out of luck. Norvell’s Skin Renewing Body Butter Lotion is intensely moisturizing to bring dull, dry skin back to life. This non-greasy, rich formula leaves your skin feeling smooth and keeps it hydrated long after sunless tanning.

Apart from keeping your skin moisturized on the outside, it’s just as important to stay hydrated inside. Drinking water helps keep your skin soft and smooth while maintaining the perfect canvas for your Norvell spray tan. So, apply lotion, drink up, and enjoy your long-lasting tan!

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