Give it a Glow!

There’s just something about the summer that makes us all want to look great and feel even better, more so than any other time of the year. It’s probably because the summer heat means that we shed the layers of our winter wardrobe for a much lighter summer wardrobe complete with bathing suits, shorts, and sundresses. From our wardrobe, it’s clear that this is the season we look forward to showing off some skin.

Don’t we all want to show off healthy, glowing, sun-kissed skin? I know I do. Warm, radiant skin is the perfect compliment to the summer, and the finishing touch to any summer wardrobe.

This month, Planet Beach is celebrating our 3rd Annual National Sunless Day on June 23rd. To celebrate we are offering an exciting offer complete with everything you need for that healthy, sun-kissed glow. Come in today for our Famous Glow Cocktail which includes one (1) UV Therapy Session, one (1) Hydration Therapy session, and one (1) Sunless session for $39. (For more info, check out our Special Offers.)

Sunless tanning is becoming increasingly popular all over the world because it allows you to achieve your perfect tan while attending to your skincare needs in a healthy way. UV Therapy has been proven to elevate your mood, relax your mind, and energize your body. Additionally, tanned skin has been shown to provide natural protection against sunburn. (Still, don’t forget to wear your sunblock when hanging out but the pool or at the beach this summer!)

Planet Beach offers a variety of sunless services designed to help you have happy, healthy, glowing skin for the summer.

Now, get out there and Glow!