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“I have been a member of Planet Beach for about 4 1/2 years now. I work two jobs and am a single mother so this is my place of relaxation when I get 15 to 45 minutes to myself. Everyone is so sweet and makes it feel more like a family. It is a lot of money to some people, but the way the staff treats their customers, it’s worth every penny.”


-Heather, Marrero, LA


“We all know the toll stress can take on us emotionally, as well as physically. As a heart attack survivor, I am all too familiar with the payment extracted when we neglect ourselves. The benefits I’ve received from the Hydration Station combined with the pbGLOW services are really beyond words. The addition of the Lumiere Facial completed my skincare needs; the Repairing Regimen has produced results I thought possible only by enduring painful, costly and time-consuming surgery. In just 4-6 weeks I noticed such an improvement in my overall skin tone, pore reduction, and virtual disappearance of my laugh lines. I can’t help but giggle when anyone discovers I’m just pushing 50. I don’t perceive my time at the spa as self-indulgent, but as a soothing, relaxing, rejuvenating retreat for mind, body and soul!”


-Tammy, Mandeville, LA


“I started getting serious about losing weight. On July 10 2009, I weighed 206 pounds. I started with Indulge shakes and the Slim Kit (detoxify & cellulite reduction) along with my spa membership. I use the Hydration Station and the new SlimCapsule just about everyday. It’s now Sept. 14, 2009, and I weigh 184 pounds! I have lost 22 pounds and I owe it all to my Planet Beach family. I have not done the Body Wrap yet, but will be doing it soon. I also don’t exercise. Sorry ladies, but it’s true. All I did was follow the directions. I love my new look, but I still want to lose another 20 pounds. So Planet Beach, here I come. Thank you to my Planet Beach family for the support they have given me to get the weight off. I love you all!”


-Jamie, Jacksonville, NC


“It is a wonderful experience to come to Planet Beach. It is so much more than a tanning salon. I love all of the different options there are to choose from on each visit. Everyone is always so friendly and always willing to help.”


-Melissa, El Paseo, CA


“I wanted to sincerely let you know how much I appreciate your two salons! I can not tell you how much I love going to both locations. With each visit, the friendly staff welcomes me and makes sure that I have everything I need for an amazing spa experience. I really enjoy the time in the salon, no matter what services I have! Both Jen and Lauren are wonderful and keep the atmosphere of the salon top notch! I would never know if either of them or anyone on their team had a bad day! Both salons are always clean and stocked with great products! A genuine thank you to you, Jen and Lauren! I enjoy the salon, and will be sure to tell everyone I know to visit!”


-Misty, Lakewood, CO


“So I got the best compliment this weekend.  I went to a reunion of United Airlines former Reservations employees, of which I am one, and I saw people I haven’t seen in nine years.  One came up to me and said ‘Your skin is amazing…it looks so good and you have like no wrinkles after nine years!’  Well I didn’t have many wrinkles anyway but my skin didn’t look this good before.  If she had seen it two weeks ago she might not have thought that, however I’ve been taking the vitamins and using the skin care and kept telling everyone how the red was leaving my skin.  It still has some, but it’s awesome. :)”


-Melanie, Lakewood, CO


“Going to the spa is habit forming! I crave it, depend on it, and I cannot do without it. The workday is hectic helping others solve their crises/problems. The hours fly by. Then 4 p.m. comes and I get to think about me. The pampering begins at the front desk with the smile, a greeting, a kind word, a robe and a mint. Then it’s time to moisten up and hydrate in the Hydration Station. Aroma, heat, moisture and music. After 20 minutes, I regain consciousness…”


-Debra, Houston, TX


“Hello!  I am currently a member at the Planet Beach in North Brunswick, NJ. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this place. Love the vibe and positive energy of the staff members and the owner himself, Steven. The tanning beds are also amazing!  The entire place is clean and very warm and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family members. It is thus far the best tanning salon I’ve ever been to. Thank you!!!”


-Lana, North Brunswick, NJ


“I started my spa sessions in November 2008. By using Hydration, my skin is clearer, and I have lost 22 pounds overall. My skin is also smoother with a silky feeling (love this!). The Lumiere sessions have brightened my complexion and rejuvenated my pores. For the first time in my life, I HAVE A TAN!  I’m loving this place, and plan to stay a member for years to come. It can only get better. As a Mom of four, I have truly found my little piece of serenity and get away.”


– Simone, Baton Rouge, LA