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Planet Beach: It’s for Everyone and Everyone Needs it Now!

At the world’s first automated day spa franchise, technology dispenses  the need for expensive, licensed therapists. Our clients enjoy wellness services in less time and spend far less than they would at an ordinary day spa, experiencing automated spa luxury without the “Day Spa” price.

Who are our customers?

An automated spa membership isn’t about being young or old, rich or poor; it’s about having a healthy attitude, a desire to improve physically and psychologically and wanting the best for friends, family, community and self.

Our customers include working class, middle class, upper middle class and high society. Taken together, they create a modern collage: stay-at-home moms, career-minded professionals, teens and university students, armed services personnel, CEOs, teachers, athletes, patients, scientists, pilots, artists, models, actors, entrepreneurs and retirees.


Planet Beach automated spa enthusiasts seek a few minutes away from the office, family or classroom. They have fallen in love with the calm, therapeutic atmosphere of the spa, the convenience of its automated and affordable services and the diversity of its holistic nutrition and skincare products.

Some live with chronic health conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. They have discovered that Planet Beach services such as Aqua Massage or Infrared Light Treatments provide relief and hope. Others battling weight gain use Planet Beach’s nutrition products and the calorie-burning SlimCapsule treatment.

Others come seeking traditional day spa services: a massage, a spray tan, a facial or even teeth whitening.

Planet Beach  automated spa members don’t have a minute or dollar to waste. They demand value and quality and have found it in affordable monthly membership plans. Each one knows an hour of relaxation and rejuvenation a few times a week will make them a better employee, parent, boss, teacher, manager, coach or student.

“I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed,” says Fran a note  to the Highland Road Planet Beach automated spa in Baton Rouge, La. “I think I’ve found a place to stay!”

Cori Ann, a customer at the Crow Canyon Commons Planet Beach in San Ramon, Calif., says the spa staff excels at making her feel comfortable, relaxed and spoiled. “I love the décor,” Cori Ann says. “It has a great high-energy feel, yet you still feel relaxed and excited about all the pampering you are about to received. I love Planet Beach!”