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Full-Body Hydration

Full Body Hydration

The elements take a toll on our skin. So does the food we eat and the late nights we keep on the weekends. But in just 20 minutes, you can undo much of that damage with our full-body hydrations system, Hydro-Derma Fusion.

Hydro-Derma Fusion


Hydro Derma Fusion


With a combination of infrared heat and nutrient-rich dense steam, your body will be renewed, rejuvenated and completely hydrated from tip to toe. Comparable to a body wrap or steam bath, our Hydro-Derma Fusion takes just 20 minutes, but will harmonize and rebalance your skin, leaving it fresh, glowing and radiant.

Other benefits include:
• Deeply moisturized skin
• Increase in skin elasticity
• Increase in collagen
• Cleanses pores, preparing them for product penetration
• Improved tone and texture
• Extends the results of UV and UV-Free therapy sessions

What Our Members Have To Say! 

Patrick Gladney

Patrick Gladney






“I’ve been a member at Planet Beach for about three years.  I love the transformation of the salon to spa services.  Although I still tan, I love the Lumiere and Hydration because it keeps my skin looking young and fresh!”

– Patrick Gladney, Baton Rouge, LA



“Going to the spa is habit forming! I crave it, depend on it, and I cannot do without it. The workday is hectic helping others solve their crisis/problems. The hours fly by. Then 4pm comes and I get to think about me. The pampering begins with the smile and the front desk with a greeting and a kind word, a robe, and a mint. Then it’s time to moisten up and hydrate in the Hydration station. Aroma, heat, moisture and music. After 20 minutes, I regain consciousness…”

-Dana Caldwell, Tampa, FL