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Infrared Therapy

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Posted January 1, 2018

Guest Blogger: Rachael Todd

Miss United States 2017
Certified Health Coach and Yoga Instructor, Certified in Positive Psychology

At Planet Beach you will find services that strive to ultimately make you feel better and look better, but they do this by reducing inflammation in the body. Utilizing red light therapy, the meditation booth, the hydration station, the HOTWORX infrared sauna and more, these powerful treatments are ancient technologies that are available to you!

It’s no secret that as a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor and in my work as a health expert, I recommend sweating every day. Sweat not only activates a host of benefits tied to health-boosting exercise, perspiring itself is curative. Whether you are sitting in a sauna, walking on a warm day or working out, sweating is a necessary bodily function with powerful healing effects.

By cleaning out a range of toxins, sweat plays an essential role in the body’s natural detoxifying function.

Coming from a psychology background, I also love to research and explore the studies behind the conclusions that doctors, medical experts, and health/wellness professionals come to.

Stress response hormones are always on the rise with the way we live, work, and ride around in traffic, running around from appointment to appointment.

A high level of stress is a result of increased cortisol levels which is responsible for that ‘fight or flight’ reaction we get under times of immense tension.

While in an infrared sauna cortisol levels remain relatively stable, however upon finishing off your session in the infrared sauna cortisol levels generally drop quite drastically – resulting in reduced blood pressure, lower heart rate, efficient burning of calories.

Additionally, through research scientists are now further proving the mind body connection and your ability to change the way you respond to stress by thinking about it differently.

According to Kelly McGonigal’s research, how you think about stress matters, your mind and body follows your way of thinking about stress.

Stress might actually help them do your best an increase performance – top athletes and performers know this is true. They harness the energy from the stress response.

When studying these athletes and top performers, the body’s physical response to stress changed when their mindset about stress changed. They had a challenge response, not ‘fight or flight’ response. This showed up physically in the body as no increase in inflammation and no vasodilation. The stress response is there to make sure that you rise to the challenge. People who have a chronic ‘challenge response’ are in a better state of cardiovascular health as well as when it comes to aging – the only difference is the mindset reset – viewing the stress as energy that you can harness.

People in a crisis have a different physiological response to stress, which shows up as resiliency. The body’s ability to release hormones, specifically, neuropeptide Y (calming substance during crisis), and release more DHEA – which is the body creating it’s own antidepressant so that you can stay calm during times of peak stress. Your body actually releases higher levels of a hormone that help your brain become stronger and better equipped to handle future stress. This ability is built into your brain’s stress response repertoire – you’ve had adversity in your past – your brain knows what to do in future situations. This is your body’s ability to get better at stress over time – rather than being weakened by stress.

As you work on your mind/body connection and enable your body to handle stress, experience the benefits of a HOTWORX infrared sauna session at a Planet Beach near you to reduce cortisol and improve your health and wellbeing today!

About Rachael:

Rachael Todd joined the Planet Beach family as a Cover Model in 2015 and is our original HOTWORX Virtual Instructor. After being crowned Miss Florida 2009, Ms. Todd has successfully made a career for herself as a full time runway, advertising, and fitness model, as well as a corporate spokesperson for companies like Lexus, Disney, Samsung, Nike, and Loreal. She is also a certified health coach and yoga instructor, and appreciates the opportunity to help others increase their wellbeing, resilience, optimism, and motivation through Positive Psychology.

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