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Meet Our 2013 Cover Models!


Introducing LauRen: Body Campaign

LauRen is 28 years old and just moved to North Carolina from Miami where she did sports broadcasting for the Miami Dolphins.
She started modeling when she was 14 and has loved it since. She even competed for Miss USA!

She feels she will make the perfect spokes-model because although she enjoys modeling she wants to be more than just a face. She’s a believer in the Planet Beach brand and uses the spa 2 to 3 times a week.


Why will you be a great Cover Model for Planet Beach?

My entire life has revolved around health, fitness, community service and the passion to help others. Having lost my father to cancer at a young age, I’ve never taken a day for granted. I understand and appreciate true beauty as I hope to set an example for women to find the beauty within and let everything else fall into place. As this year’s Planet Beach Cover Model, I will inspire, create hope, and instill confidence in everyone I meet while promoting all the amazing programs Planet Beach offers.What is your favorite Planet Beach service and why?

The saunatox! As a former professional cheerleader, I know the importance of staying healthy and fit.


Introducing Saher: Skincare Campaign

Saher is a 26 year old mom and Geo-science Tech. She graduated from the University of Houston and works for an oil & gas company.She enjoys modeling because it gives her the opportunity to act out anything she wants to be.mpany.  She feels she will be a great Cover Model for Planet Beach because she is already an avid spokesperson for the brand and understands the benefits of escaping for a while. She signed up for a membership before she even went into the spa!
Why will you be a great Cover Model for Planet Beach?I love planet beach so much that I naturally promote it. It makes me look and feel beautiful. When people ask me my secret to fresh and glowing skin , I always say its planet beach. The services ,products and especially the people make planet beach a treat for me every time I go. Not many can say that they go to the spa several times a week.What is your favorite Planet Beach service and why?The hydration station. It keeps my skin so soft and smooth!



Introducing Brittanie: Glow Campaign

Brittanie is 21 years old and lives in Marrero, LA. She is a full time student studying Business Administration and has danced for the Arena Football league, the New Orleans Voodoo. As a former Spa Consultant for Planet Beach, Brittanie feels that she would make an excellent spokes-model because she is a true believer in the services and products that Planet Beach offers. Her goal is to make people aware of the brand and share her experiences as a Planet Beach member.She loves to take on new challenges and ultimately would love to own her own Planet Beach spa.
Why will you be a great Cover Model for Planet Beach?

I am a determined and vigorous individual who portrays the charisma and skills of a positive role model. I strongly encourage fighting for what one desires! Ultimately, I believe I will make a great Planet Beach representative because I am a current customer and former spa consultant who truly believes in all that Planet Beach promotes and stands for.

What is your favorite Planet Beach service and why?

It’s a tie. I love the Hydration Station! This spa service is not only relaxing, but also helps prepare and prolong results for my other favorite spa service Mystic Tan!


Introducing Jenya: Total Wellness Campaign

Jenya is a 36 year old mother of 3 girls and spa consultant at Planet Beach. Being a mother of three active girls, relaxation, rejuvenation and wellness are a must.Planet Beach is her “little slice of heaven” to keep her going. She feels she would make the perfect Cover Model for Planet Beach because she is a walking testimonial of the brand. She believes every woman regardless of age deserves to relieve stress and escape their hectic lives to feel better about themselves


Why will you be a great Cover Model for Planet Beach?

Being 36 years old and being a mother of 3 active girls, relaxation, rejuvenation and wellness is a must in my hectic lifestyle of being a fulltime mom and working 2 jobs! Planet Beach is honestly my little slice of heaven to keep me going! I love all the spa services and all the magic potions which enhance my overall goals with my overall wellness with my beauty inside and out. I’m a walking testimony to the Planet Beach face / body line. It has given me a much younger, glowing complexion! Overall health and well being is my passion. I want to continue to share with the world what PB has to offer.

What is your favorite Planet Beach service and why?

My favorite service is the Saunatox because it helps me stay healthy and strong.


Introducing Linsey: Relaxation Campaign


Linsey is a 28 year old Certified Nursing Assistant and lives in Plant City, FL. She began her modeling career when she was 19. She has since modeled for popular brands such as Nike, Sketchers, CMT, and the Outdoor Channel.She has a thrill for life, a positive personality and ability to adapt to all sorts of environments.


Why will you be a great Cover Model for Planet Beach?

To be a model, it takes more than just pretty face. I think modeling is an expressive art form and tells a story without words. Where you can show movement, personality, and add mood to the simplicity of a still picture. I have an extended amount of experience in modeling and even more beyond the photograph. Behind that photograph, I have become well traveled and have learned to adapt in all types of environments.  In spokes modeling your personality must carry you. You must be positive, approachable, on your toes, and hold common sense. Even for those not so perfect situations or people you may encounter along your journey. I believe with experience, class, and my outgoing nature, that I can uphold a standard of representation that Planet Beach is looking for.

What is your favorite Planet Beach service and why?

My favorite Planet Beach service is the HydroMassage. I  use it to relax and de-stress after a long day.