Skincare Programs

Let’s face it, first impressions are always important. That’s why we offer skincare services to ensure your skin is always glowing and looking its best!

We have the SECRET to youthful, beautiful skin. At Planet Beach automated spa, you can keep them guessing about your age. By combining our unique, exclusive products and services, you can revitalize and rebuild skin tissue at the cellular level to tighten skin and diminish fine lines and wrinkles, turning back the hands of time!

Experience our new and improved Skincare Programs. With so many options, we’re bound to have the perfect programs for you.

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Weight Management Programs

Body not rocking? Not feeling your best? Renew that promise to yourself to become a better, more fabulous YOU! At Planet Beach automated spa, we provide a number of weight management programs to help you get that rocking body that you desire.

Achieve a fantastic figure from head to toe with our new and improved Planet Beach Weight Management Programs. With three  programs, we’re bound to have the perfect program for you to get your body looking a little tighter, a little leaner & absolutely amazing!

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Relaxation Programs

After a hectic day at the office, your body and mind pay the price. With Planet Beach’s selection of massage services and relaxation programs, your body and mind will be renewed, as well as better prepared for the stress and all the obstacles that life throws your way.

Planet Beach’s variety of relaxation programs target your body’s vital pressure points with a customized, rejuvenating massage to revitalize mind and body. With no therapist or attendant necessary, our clients can enjoy total relaxation while remaining comfortable and fully-clothed.

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Glow Programs

Unleash your Inner Glow and Shine on Planet Beach’s Glow Programs! If your goal is a sun-kissed glow that rivals that of your friends fresh from a beach vacation,  you can achieve it in minutes, just by visiting the beach up the street…Planet Beach!

We all know that everyone looks better with a little color. Our amazing sunless products and services create a beautiful, healthy glow that last days in mere minutes. Or relax and experience our traditional UV tanning. No matter how you like to get your “glow on,” we have your perfect solution!

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