History, Mission & Values

Stephen P. Smith


Health club and gym owner, Stephen Smith, was looking for a way to diversify his business and decided to add a tanning salon to his portfolio. In 1995, he found a location that was built out to be a tanning salon but never opened in uptown New Orleans. He wanted to help people feel better about themselves and needed to think of another, more unique way.

Smith decided to open his first salon and bought the uptown location. Since funds were tight, he could only change one of the words on the sign outside. “Beach” stayed, and he replaced “Electric” with “Planet” to represent the desire to escape to the beach and have an “otherworldly” and relaxing experience.

The first tanning spa — and the spas that followed — were an overnight success. The Planet Beach franchise system grew to several hundred locations and many foreign countries. Today, there are over 250 franchise units in 36 states and 6 foreign countries. The company is still based in New Orleans and the original uptown location is still open and going strong.

In 2005, Steven had a self-described “moment of inspiration”: why not expand Planet Beach into a full service day spa and make it affordable to the average citizen?

Smith’s idea tapped into a real need in the marketplace. “I saw that we could provide the same results of a traditional spa in less time and a whole lot less money,” Smith says. “Our industry was changing, demand for tanning was diminishing and demand for day spa services was increasing. It became very clear to me that we needed to reposition our brand to become a more successful franchise and to better serve our customers. We broke into an untapped niche with the Planet Beach automated spa concept.” The company is now positioned to turn the day spa industry on its ear by making spa services, traditionally considered luxury purchases, available at extremely affordable prices to massive amounts of customers. “Until Planet Beach automated spas there were only spas for the affluent,” said Smith. “Now we have a day spa for the masses. By offering a membership model that cost members a mere $79 to $99 a month, customers can receive the same amenities one gets at an elite spa for a fraction of the costs. We believe we have created the future of the day spa industry.”

Planet Beach is an innovative and energetic company that continues to evolve to meet the needs of our customers, in doing so we have built quite a name for ourselves and are truly developing a lifestyle brand. Our brand represents quality and we do not take that lightly.

At Planet Beach, our goal is to be an international one-stop shop to RELAX, GLOW and RENEW.

Experience the ultimate in the finest spa treatments and superior customer service that has made Planet Beach the World’s largest, fastest growing neighborhood automated spa franchise.

The future is here and Planet Beach spas are thriving!


We want to change the way the world rejuvenates!

For the benefit of our customers and the communities we serve, we will remain dedicated to the continued success of each Planet Beach® franchise.

Our franchise locations will provide superior customer service an inspiring, alternative atmosphere.

Planet Beach® will deliver premier wellness, relaxation, UV therapy, sunless and skin rejuvenation services. At the push of a button, our members will enjoy a private spa experience at the fraction of the cost…and in far less time than a day spa.


We believe in five core values that shape everything we do at Planet Beach® and we strive to follow them each and every day.

Good PEOPLE who BELIEVE in the system that work with INTEGRITY and have the FOCUS to accomplish GOALS.